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Great Day For Up! (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)

In Uncategorized on 30 November 2011 at 9:52 am

The markets are going up.

The Fed Reserve,
ECB too
Have made access to money easier for you!

Bank of Japan!
Swiss National Bank!
Print as fast as you can.

Swap arrangements!
I don’t quite understand
But 50 bps cheaper!
Say, that is grand!

S&P 500!
Nikkei too!
DAX! and FTSE…
up UP with YOU!

Up Liquidity!
Can’t have too much.
To spend, Spend, SPEND
on stimulus and such.

Up sentiment!
Rally! Higher!
Bunds and gilts
are better, STRONGER!

Treasuries too
could not be brighter
Down yields! Up prices!
Up Timothy Geithner!

Unsustainable you say?
Some problems, you wonder?
But our best and brightest will ponder…

Problems now have gone away!
We’ll pay for it some other day.

  1. Re Vol 20 #6, June 2013 issue P.16 – Fed Retirees May Not Need Medicare

    I am a federal retiree and turend 65 two years ago. I have been insured under FEHB prior to and since retirement. At the time of retirement I was advised by both my FEHB provider and Medicare, to enroll in Parts A and B, which I did. Your article doesn’t explain why federal retirees don’t need Part B. Please explain.
    Martin Pfefer
    Centennial, CO

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