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At Least We Still Have Charlie Rangel

In Uncategorized on 5 November 2010 at 4:54 pm

Ok, my first week’s coverage was not exactly moonbeams and rainbows.  To make it up to you, I will end the week with:

Brazilians Vote Clown Into Congress

Not only was the man whose clown handle is Tiririca (“grumpy”) elected to Congress, he received 1.3 million votes – more than double the second place candidate.  Apparently, voters concurred with his campaign slogan:  “It can’t get any worse.”

If Mr. Greene, (the South Carolina Democrat who is unemployed, lives with his parents, and is facing felony obscenity charges), and Ms. O’Donnell, (the Republican former witchcraft dabbler and Constitution buff from Delaware), want to improve on their respective 28% and 40% shares of the vote in their next Senate go-around, perhaps their campaign slogans could be the rejoinder to Tiririca’s:  “Oh yes it can!”


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