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Welcome to The Retirement Report!

In Consumer Behavior on 2 November 2010 at 8:03 pm

Today is Election Day, a fitting time to make my inaugural blog post for The Retirement Report.  At the risk of appearing a vanity press, my first post highlights a piece written by me.

“The Hardest Job in America…Yours!” discusses how the invention of the Hula-Hoop kicked off half a century of consumer spending so massive, it threatens to crush the very dreams that feed it.  Today, the consumer is forced to choose between continuing to spend to feed the beast and risk a Ramen noodles retirement, or begin actually saving for retirement and risk the collapse of our economy, rendering their frugality pointless.

To learn how to enjoy a retirement that does not revolve around waiting for the water to boil AND prevent an economic cataclysm read the article!


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